Small Whites

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Small Whites Contacts: 

  • Small Whites Co-ordinator (4-8yrs): 

          Kieran Nevey -

  • Game Results

          Ang Shutkowski - 027 686 8246

Fees for 2022 Season

Standard Fee - $50

Regular, single player season fee

Whānau Fee - $25

Any age family member pays full price fees then the 2nd family member in the Small Whites pays our Whānau Fee. Register as normal - choose 'pay later' - email subject whanau fee

Club Champ Fee

Volunteers of any kind, we need you. Coach, manager, photographer, social media whizz, any skill set that can add value. Register as normal - choose 'pay later' - email subject club champ fee

Girls Bring-a-Friend / Boys Bring-a-Girl

1 registered girl can bring 1 friend FREE, 1 registered boy can bring 1 girl FREE. Register as normal - choose 'pay later' - email subject free friend

(1 free referal per family)

Please note that there is 1 offer per family.

Pay-it-fwd (optional extra)

Just a little something that will help us support those who need it most, rest assured every dollar will be reinvested into the Small Whites programme to help get more tamariki active.

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